Pizzas at The Oak SW11

About The Oak SW11

With a total capacity of up to 120 seated, the casual dining and drinking space is made up of a ground floor dining room and counter bar that will accommodate walk ins, along with a more relaxed lounge area perfect for breakfast and long brunches at the weekend.

About The Design

The design of every fixture and fitting has been hand-selected, showcasing local designers whilst paying homage to The Oak’s heritage with hints to design features from sister restaurants. Individually laid dark and light oak herringbone table tops are set amongst deep emerald green banquette seating; white stools sit at the long white marble bar with characterful 3-D tiles, beneath bronzed pendant lighting. Sleek white oak flooring leads the way to the mezzanine level overlooking the entire restaurant, which will open to the dock in the summer.

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About Our Pizza

Our flour comes from a mill called Bianchi situated on the east coast of Italy. Bianchi only uses ancient Italian wheat that is cultivated from local farmers who don’t use pesticides or any chemical product. This results in a flour that is so natural that some years, they lose 50% of what they plant.


The grain is grounded from an old technique that uses natural stone and very slow movements. Our special mix, that is the result of 15 years of mixing different grains, allows us to ferment the grain for 72 to 120 hours transforming the wheat into a very nutritious dough.


The advantage of using long time fermentation is that it allows bacteria to fully breakdown the carbohydrates and the strong, stretchy gluten. It also releases the healthy minerals in the grain so that our body can easily absorb them.


The result is an incredible, highly digestible, fully nutritious, crispy pizza.

About Our Dining

Dining at The Oak SW11 is an experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere. The Oak SW11 offers diners a range of cuisine that spans from the traditional pizza to the newest addition of brunch.


On weekdays, you will find tapas that are perfect to share among guests, pizza that is unmatched in London, and main courses that melt in your mouth.


On weekends, you will find the most delightful brunch that ranges from poached eggs, our full Tuscan, or our brunch pizza. To accompany this, we offer bottomless brunch where you can eat, drink and enjoy.

Breakfast at The Oak SW11

Centre piece marble table

Perfect for group bookings and family lunches, the central piece is a statement marble table, accommodating bookings up to 14, and is set to the backdrop of a mosaic of mirrors, underneath a living wall of seasonal herbs and greenery growing all year round. Towards the rear is a mezzanine level dining room, where reservations will be available, along with large party bookings.